LibPunk Radio # 41: Using your words – how to communicate with IT and beyond

Last night we recorded a new episode of LibPunk Radio for your listening pleasure. Amy couldn’t join us, but we had on our good friend Jonathan to talk about talking.  Communication is tough, just as Fifteen talked about. Some of the things we cover:

  • How librarians should talk to IT
  • Difference in focus between librarians and IT
  • The culture of fear holding us all back
  • How fear and insecurity lets open the door to snake-oil library futurism
  • Why poor communication can sabotage good ideas

I think that’s it. So give it a listen and tell us what you think! And if you want to come on LibPunk radio, let us know!

LibPunk Radio #40: The awful truth about library conference planning

In the last episode of LibPunk Radio we threatened to talk about conference planning on this episode AND WE DIDN’T LIE.

In our true rambling fashion we talk about logistics and cost and inclusion.  Of course ca$h is one of the biggest challenges with conference planning. It’s all about the money.

Also if you hate conferences, the best thing you can do to make them better is to become a planner for the conference. It’s not that difficult to get involved in association planning, you just have to volunteer.

Things to point out – here’s the original statement from the Black Caucus of ALA about the 2016 conference being held in Orlando. And here is the ALA Response, which is quite good.

You should also check out the Leadership Technology Gender Summit which was held in Austin last month. Amy was one of the organizers. It’s a different model of a conference.

Which leads us to the end – we’re going to have a LibPunk Virtual Conference this year. We have no idea how it’s gonna happen or what it’s going to look like, but we’re open to anything. If you want to get involved, let us know!

Listen to the show and thanks! See you in a pit.

LibPunk Radio #39: How can we make Library School useful beyond a piece of paper?

The Exploited were right- LIBPUNK IS NOT DEAD. Proof of this is the new LibPunk Radio episode you can hear on our SoundCloud page or embedded below. Be sure to subscribe to the RSS whilst we sort out the iTunes mess.

This week we try to solve library schools. Tune back in 2 years to see if it worked.

We’ll be back in two weeks to talk about conferences. EXCITING TIMES! If you have a show idea or want to join the party, hit us up on Twitter @libpunk just like Mistah FAB.

LibPunk Radio – Is This Thing On?

Everybody who can remember what they were doing on August 5, 2013, raise your hand. You can’t tell, but we have our hands up cos we were recording an episode of LibPunk radio that would come out on August 10 of that year.

It’s been a long time, people. Again. Another long time. But we’re getting ready to do this again.

In the meantime, we now have a SoundCloud page:

More importantly, we have a podcast RSS feed on our SoundCloud page:

Update your podcast aggregators as needed (we’re working on iTunes as we speak).

Right now, we’re coordinating our calendars, making plans, dropping the new science, and kicking the new knowledge. The newest in new is coming soon.

LibPunk Radio #38 – AHA and LibraryBox2.0


This week we (Kendra, Amy, Zamms and the one and only Jim) recorded a new episode of LibPunk. We hope you enjoy it. We also hope this isn’t going to be the last one for 15 months. Trust us. It ain’t.

This episode covers the AHA’s forward thinking advocacy for an embargo on electronic dissertations. Which has gotten some people talking and really made our blood boil (no surprise), because of course – the response to a changing climate of scholarly publishing is to cling to the old model till the ship sinks. Actually… in a way it’s very much like Alan Partridge, king of A-HA! (There was a slight detour where I mentioned the In Our Time radio programme about the Royal Society, which touches upon the beginnings of scholarly communication.)

We also talked about the one thing Zamms is excited about in this work besides Union Berlin’s victory over Dresden today – Jason Griffey’s LibraryBox project. The LibraryBox 2.0 Kickstarter was wildly successful and there’s a lot of interest in this pretty revolutionary way to bring collections to people. Amy also talked about OccupyHere doing cool stuff.

AND THAT WAS THAT (well, there was some association blah blah but I edited it out).

So see y’all later! If you have ideas for a show, let us know. If you want to join us as well, we want people to come on and spice this shit up like a spicy pepper on a hotlink. Toodles.

LibPunk Radio #37 – Pouring out the top shelf for Uncontrolled Vocabulary

Wahey! Who’s that? Are you there? We are… sort of. Amy and I have donned our library suits (tweed with a pocket for our library cards, because you know… we read books!), and sat round for a good ol’ LibPunk Radio Chat! It’s been a while due to some technical problems, and then we got busy with stuff. You know… Amy rocked SXSWi and is taking over the world, I got my job back and started moving my library book by book. No fun.

We really need to start with a tip of the hat to Greg Schwartz and Uncontrolled Vocabulary. The URL may have changed, but it’s still in our hearts. We wouldn’t be here without you man. Amy will drink something classy in your honour.

We caught up on SOPA, PIPA, and RWA. We talked about how publishing and the music industry are screwing the producers and consumers, whilst making the middle men rich, and then we wondered what the post-OPAC world will be like, since Google Scholar is getting harder for lazy people to access. And then we wandered off to other places, like this soup I made for dinner.

Computers willing, we’ll be back next week. THANKS PEOPLE!


The People's Library

On this week’s LibPunk we mostly talked about Occupy Wall Street, other Occupies, and the Occupy Libraries in particular. Sources we discuss include:

I think that’s about it. We tried something new with the recording. It was a bit rough but I think it worked? Let us know what you think! We’ll start inviting people to join in when the kinks get worked out.


BACK FROM THE GRAVE – Nov 17, wait for it.

back from the grave - rockin 1966 punkers

We’ve taken an extended hiatus but it’s coming to an end. We’ll record a new show and let it drop on November 17 like a needle on a record. A shoe on the floor. (Come up with your own metaphor.) What will we talk about? We’re open to suggestions. If you want to join in, let us know. We’re abandoning TalkShoe probably.

This post is here to keep us honest.

And he’s a rad song about returns:

LibPunk Radio #34? Just say no (to shitty products)!

In this week’s installment of LibPunk Radio we tried to get back into the swing of things. It was a bit rough. We talked about Rick Anderson’s new article, The Crisis In Research Librarianship. You should go read it, as it’s excellent and makes lots of intelligent points. Our take home is that the system is broke and we need to start doing things different – say no to shitty ILSs, say no to bad portals, just say no to shit. CARPE DIEM!

LibPunk Radio: We’re coming back. Join in!

So, we’ve been quiet here. A lot of shit’s happened. Sarah is took a break (well is still taking a break), but is also starting a new job. Amy rocked the TEDxLibrarians (See here preso here.), and I lost my job. That’s a lot of stuff.

But, Amy and I will be doing the LibPunk Radio thing tomorrow, July 6 2011, and we want you to call in. The phone number is (724) 444-7444, and the call ID is 81240. We’ll be doing it a 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific. More details here!