– DIY Consumer Advocacy

So you’ve decided to purchase some materials for your library.  Which vendor should you use?  What should you pay? What should you ask for?

The answer to all of these questions and more will soon eventually be found at .  I write a more detail explanation of why I made the site on my personal blog here, but basically I wanted a one-stop shop for librarians to communicate and educate each other about Library/Vendor Relations.

No more sitting on our hands and feeling powerless.  We do have a power – knowledge. And by sharing it, we can help make the vendor/librarian relationship more profitable (not necessarily in a $$$ sort of way)  all around.

It’s in a very rough outline form right now, but hey….librarians are awesome at organizing things! This should be no problem, right?  Well, the wiki will only be as good as what we put into it.  I encourage (read:BEG) you to register and drop whatever knowledge you have.  About anything related to Libraries and Vendors.


I think I’ve lost my blogging mojo. Or maybe I’m just tired of having the same conversations with the same people where everyone takes the same sides, not to mention the fact that I strongly suspect that some of these conversations keep happening just because people like drama and the excuse to bitch and moan.

So I’m expressing my professional ennui by making trollface cartoons.  I can’t wait to put this in my P&T Dossier.

Let me know if you want a blank to make your own and I can hook you up.

Show Your LibPunk Pride

Do you have a blog or website? Want to show off your LibPunk pride and membership in the collective? Here’s a nifty badge you can download, upload and then link back to this site.

But here’s the thing…this isn’t the “official” LibPunk blog badge.  If you want to go crazy with the image editing software and make your own, that’s great!  You can post a link in the LibPunk FF room or leave a comment here if you want to share.  Or keep it all to yourself.

Likewise, there is no “official” LibPunk logo or merchandise.  Amy and Kathryn set up the original LibPunk CafePress store.  But that’s original, not official.  If you want to get creative and make your own CafePress store or make some crafty stuff to sell on Etsy, that’s cool.    Just between you and  me, half the reason that we decided to really jump start this LibPunk thing again is so we’d have an excuse to make LibPunk merchandise. Again, let us know here or on FriendFeed if you want to show it off.

Get in on the LibPunk Radio Act

Thanks for all of the great comments about our inaugural LibPunk Radio podcast!

But, here’s the deal: We know what we’re interested in and we could probably talk about that shit for hours, if not days.  But LibPunk is a collective, not a cult of personality.



What grinds your gears or puts sand in your vage?  WE WANT TO KNOW.

Here’s the LibPunk Planning Wiki – go crazy and get in on this action.

LibPunk Radio Episode 1: “I am pro shank.”

Hör mal!
In this episode we tried to define LibPunk, which is really whatever you want to make of it. (Don’t forget the essay contest!) In the end, I think we agreed to try, do stuff, and, in the spirit of Blatz, fuck shit up.

Other points we mentioned:

LibPunk Essay Contest*

What is LibPunk?  Honestly? We have no fucking idea.  I mean, there’s some thoughts percolating in our heads, but we are not the arbitrators of LibPunk. That’s why we’re doing this…to figure all of this shit out.  Ultimately to figure out what LibPunk means to each of us individually, not to have an organized movement.

It’s not very punk to have an organized movement.

SO! Tell us what you think LibPunk is.  It can be a blog post.  Write it as a comment here. Bake a batch of vegan cookies. Write a song. Make a diorama.   Do a fucking interpretive dance.  Whatevs.  Express yo’ self and somehow let us know.  We’ll find a spot here to showcase them.

*Not an actual contest. Nor requiring actual essays.  But other than that, totally an essay contest.