#HCOD never dies. We’re still pissed about ebooks.

(Photo thanks to johnk in buffalo.)

Nothing like the stench of rotting fish or the site of picking meat off the bones. What? (I’m bad with dead animal analogies, I’m vegan.)

So, last week we talked about #hcod and wouldn’t you know, it hasn’t really gone away. Listen to it here:

This week we’re going to catch up and hopefully have some more people call in. (PLEASE CALL IN!) Some further reading:

So go slog through those bloggity tomes and then call in tonight. We start at 9pm EST. Info here or you can just dial (724) 444-7444 and our Call ID is 81240. Public librarians, please call in! We need your perspective. (Seriously, I’m tired of the Academics here.)

Aight. I’m going to go pass out and dream of William Gallas. See you in the pit! I mean, talk to y’alls tonight.