LibPunk Radio #34? Just say no (to shitty products)!

In this week’s installment of LibPunk Radio we tried to get back into the swing of things. It was a bit rough. We talked about Rick Anderson’s new article, The Crisis In Research Librarianship. You should go read it, as it’s excellent and makes lots of intelligent points. Our take home is that the system is broke and we need to start doing things different – say no to shitty ILSs, say no to bad portals, just say no to shit. CARPE DIEM!

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2 thoughts on “LibPunk Radio #34? Just say no (to shitty products)!”

  1. yes!

    i agree, if you need a tutorial to show people how to use your catalogue, the ILS companies are doing it wrong.

    that said, i have bought into the discovery layer hype. they legitimately kick ass and look like they will solve many of my problems… though affording it is another fcking story.

    also of note, i received a compliment from someone who actually recognized the raymond pettibon logo on the libpunk button.

    thanks for being awesome.

    go forth and thrash,

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