LibPunk Radio #37 – Pouring out the top shelf for Uncontrolled Vocabulary

Wahey! Who’s that? Are you there? We are… sort of. Amy and I have donned our library suits (tweed with a pocket for our library cards, because you know… we read books!), and sat round for a good ol’ LibPunk Radio Chat! It’s been a while due to some technical problems, and then we got busy with stuff. You know… Amy rocked SXSWi and is taking over the world, I got my job back and started moving my library book by book. No fun.

We really need to start with a tip of the hat to Greg Schwartz and Uncontrolled Vocabulary. The URL may have changed, but it’s still in our hearts. We wouldn’t be here without you man. Amy will drink something classy in your honour.

We caught up on SOPA, PIPA, and RWA. We talked about how publishing and the music industry are screwing the producers and consumers, whilst making the middle men rich, and then we wondered what the post-OPAC world will be like, since Google Scholar is getting harder for lazy people to access. And then we wandered off to other places, like this soup I made for dinner.

Computers willing, we’ll be back next week. THANKS PEOPLE!

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