LibPunk Radio #38 – AHA and LibraryBox2.0


This week we (Kendra, Amy, Zamms and the one and only Jim) recorded a new episode of LibPunk. We hope you enjoy it. We also hope this isn’t going to be the last one for 15 months. Trust us. It ain’t.

This episode covers the AHA’s forward thinking advocacy for an embargo on electronic dissertations. Which has gotten some people talking and really made our blood boil (no surprise), because of course – the response to a changing climate of scholarly publishing is to cling to the old model till the ship sinks. Actually… in a way it’s very much like Alan Partridge, king of A-HA! (There was a slight detour where I mentioned the In Our Time radio programme about the Royal Society, which touches upon the beginnings of scholarly communication.)

We also talked about the one thing Zamms is excited about in this work besides Union Berlin’s victory over Dresden today – Jason Griffey’s LibraryBox project. The LibraryBox 2.0 Kickstarter was wildly successful and there’s a lot of interest in this pretty revolutionary way to bring collections to people. Amy also talked about OccupyHere doing cool stuff.

AND THAT WAS THAT (well, there was some association blah blah but I edited it out).

So see y’all later! If you have ideas for a show, let us know. If you want to join us as well, we want people to come on and spice this shit up like a spicy pepper on a hotlink. Toodles.

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