LibPunk Essay Contest*

What is LibPunk?  Honestly? We have no fucking idea.  I mean, there’s some thoughts percolating in our heads, but we are not the arbitrators of LibPunk. That’s why we’re doing this…to figure all of this shit out.  Ultimately to figure out what LibPunk means to each of us individually, not to have an organized movement.

It’s not very punk to have an organized movement.

SO! Tell us what you think LibPunk is.  It can be a blog post.  Write it as a comment here. Bake a batch of vegan cookies. Write a song. Make a diorama.   Do a fucking interpretive dance.  Whatevs.  Express yo’ self and somehow let us know.  We’ll find a spot here to showcase them.

*Not an actual contest. Nor requiring actual essays.  But other than that, totally an essay contest.

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