LibPunk Essay Contest In Full Swing

Don’t forget to enter the LibPunk Essay Contest! Sarah already did and it’s a good read. Definitely check it out.  We’ll try to post all the entries here or on the LibPunk Radio Wiki. We’ll have a special episode of LibPunk Radio about it most definitely. If you feel too constrained by words, we’ll take videos or other visual art. If you feel inclined to send vegan baked goods, please let me know.  (I don’t like raisins.)

Keep fighting the good fight and all that.

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2 thoughts on “LibPunk Essay Contest In Full Swing”

  1. first of all, sarah is totally sold out because shes said shes not anti-profit or anti-corporation. ha ha only serious.

    f’real though, i think that people are increasingly looking at metadata as indicators of primary data, which means that, well, functionally, metadata is becoming primary data. if the paper you cite was funded by an interest group with a financial stake in the outcome, then that means that paper is less useful. which is why i want some shit like they have at scopus, where every paper they have is connected to its bibliography. unfortunately, thats all behind a paywall. since science belongs to everyone, how the fuck do we liberate this knowledge from the corporate interests?

  2. how do we liberate knowledge from the corporate interests? smash the system? i don’t know. i would like to start from making it possible for government agencies (i’m looking at you national academies) to not have to sell back publicly funded research to the public. if we’re funding the research we should fund the report. AMIRITE?

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