LibPunk Radio Episode #17: OA week, what are you doing?

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This picture is of my dinner… sort of. I had a Chipotle burrito bowl after recording LibPunk tonight. It was in honor of one of our biggest supporters – Blake Carver of LIS News. Thank you, Blake!

So go listen to this week’s LibPunk Radio. Unfortunately Amy couldn’t make it for most of the show, so you get lots of Sarah and me talking. Actually, I have to say we earned our burritos tonight by being mostly on topic. I mean, yeah, we started off with talking about howh rabid women sports fans tend to be more rabid than male sports fans. Anyhow… That’s like the first 5 minutes. The rest of it is:

  • The commodificaiton of OA Week. Sort of like the pink ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness Month or slapping a “green” sticker on something and marking up the price.
  • Should libraries be responsible for institutional repositories?
  • How our language obscures our aims: Open Access? Free Law? Scholarly Communication? You get it.
  • Amy calls in at the end from a cab. YES A CAB! I dunno, that’s cool.

So, we won’t be on next week. Instead Amy and I will be eating burritos in the Bay Area and Sarah will be rubbing elbows with Lynn Swann. Stay tuned!