LibPunk Radio Episode 20: Haters gonna hate, or the new skill of not giving a shit.

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Listen to LibPunk Radio Episode #20:

For those of you keeping track at home, I don’t think this is really episode 20, but TalkShoe makes it hard to keep track and I don’t really care. So deal. This isn’t being cataloged, so it’s not my worry. Or I should say, I’m not cataloging it, so whatever.

This week we talked about the side of social media or the new web where people can hate. Sarah has been thinking about this a lot, and shared her thoughts. We talked about the consequences of opening yourself up to criticism, trying to differentiate between actual criticism and flat out trollish hate. I think there was more. Like the whole thing of cliques and the fatigue of the groups. Rochelle pointed out that there’s more than one circle of librarians on the internet, and then we all talked about our scenes. It is a little funny since the three of us are not really involved in the biggest one of them all – ALA. We also touched upon Courtney Fuson’s question on LSW about state library association involvement. Are you a member of yours? I’m not, but I’m also self-professed SLA-4-LYFE.

I dunno. There was more. Care to comment?

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3 thoughts on “LibPunk Radio Episode 20: Haters gonna hate, or the new skill of not giving a shit.”

  1. It is interesting that y’all are discussing the “cool kid” thing at internet librarian. That has been going on a long time. I’ve always kind of felt like there was that vibe. There have been a few “stars” that I simply was sitting next to and said hello to, and they were pretty uncool. I assumed that my radical fucking awesomeness simply intimidated them. I really didn’t care too much. The conference is usually really good, and afterward I can go terrorize the sidewalks on my skateboard. BUT — I was super happy to meet you punks. Y’all are killer.

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