I think I’ve lost my blogging mojo. Or maybe I’m just tired of having the same conversations with the same people where everyone takes the same sides, not to mention the fact that I strongly suspect that some of these conversations keep happening just because people like drama and the excuse to bitch and moan.

So I’m expressing my professional ennui by making trollface cartoons.  I can’t wait to put this in my P&T Dossier.

Let me know if you want a blank to make your own and I can hook you up.

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4 thoughts on “Trollface”

  1. The best part is the follow-up of when they say “You should take the valuable skills you learned in library school and move to another field. There are many jobs that would appreciate the skills of a librarian.” They do not, of course, explain what among the skills you learned are all that valuable, nor do they give a good outline of where you should be applying, aside from “not here.” *sigh*

  2. @Michael, for war stories and encouragement and grumbling and specific recommendations, one can check out the LIS Career Options group on LinkedIn. Some posters are sunny, some are crotchety, but pretty much all are insistently pragmatic.

  3. @Mark Kille I’ve never checked it out before. Sounds like a potential episode of LibPunk Radio waiting to happen.

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