The Fifth Column?

photo source: cdrummbks

Sarah brought up the fifth column metaphor this week in relation to the library world, and it was interesting because we both had different impressions of what it meant.

Are people who are working from within the established channels/organizations to secretly (or not so obviously) affect change a sort of fifth column? I’m talking about those people grinding away for change at the heart of ALA/SLA/AALL/professional association of your choice.

Or is the fifth column people who don’t work with any system at all, and instead focus on why organizations like ALA aren’t worth the costly membership dues? It’s a hard life out there, and sometimes people can’t be blessed with the time or money to get involved for the greater good. (Or they can’t play nicely with others… wait is that us?)

What do y’all think? We might talk about this on LibPunk Radio. We might not. Don’t pin us down!

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