LibPunk Radio Episode 21: Tumblr PR0N and then some

(Photo source: grrl8trax)

So, on this week’s LibPunk Radio we talked about Sarah’s second favourite topic: porn. (Her first is the “unjustness of the economic duopoly that controls the distribution of legal information and its impact on informatics.”) Not just any porn mind you, but the happy marriage between tumblr and porn. In the words of Huell Howser, it’s AMAZING! (all those links are NSFW, obvi). I’ve made a tumblr act as a bibliography called BUCKET RIDE, which is a curated resource of hip-hop/rap videos about automotive transportation. We also talked about librarian tumblrs going for traditional library stereotypes and then back to porn.

We ended with the fifth column stuff and really just are tired of a whiners. STFU OR DO SOMETHING. Word.

I’m Audi. Gotta bump more Eazy E.

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