LibPunk Radio #25: COPYWRONG

(Photo from: Lisa Devaney

Check out this week’s LibPunk Radio! It’s our last show on Thursday for a while, so if you kept saying, “Oh… I’d call in but I have things on Thursday nights…” get a new excuse, or join us next week!

So what did we talk about this week?

  • Book piracy! There was an interesting discussion on LiveJournal about eBook torrenting. Yes, people love to pirate books even though libraries sort of make it easy to get books for free. Pirates are stealing money from authors and stats (which is like gold).
  • Do people pirate data?
  • Have you heard about Library Renewal? Michael Porter’s new project to help libraries navigate e-licensing and digital content. We’ll probably be talking about this for a while.
  • We briefly talk about the LITA kerfuffle. Pertinent links from LISNews.
  • The last 5 minutes was sort of co-opted by a guy concerned about Article V of the constitution. I take this time to remind you all that the Lib in LibPunk is for librar* not libertarian. We have no real political affiliation, other than no assholes, which sort of is against the libertarian ideals.