Really, what is LibPunk?

Kathryn Greenhill described it in her blog thus:
Librarians using non-proprietary products and groupings not based on institutional alliances to practice their craft and communicate their practice? Open, collaborative enterprises based on not making money, but often on increasing social capital or extending knowledge?

Sarah Glassmeyer sort of took it to a different level.

Then Kendra K. Levine said this:

So what do I see as LibPunk? I see it as a feeling of empowerment. You see those “rockstars” at conferences, writing papers, doing stuff that gets them the groupies? Nothing is stopping you from doing it, too. Sure, you might not be speaking at the big conferences, but with the internet there’s always an audience. Just get your message out there. Feel empowered to try new things and make a stab of it. Really DIY stuff. The other thing is to keep it local. What’s your community? Do you want to take over ALA or SLA? That’s going to take more compromise than something smaller and more nimble. Do you even need organizations? Not really.

So just go out and do something. Nothing’s stopping you but yourself.

So what do you think?

Disclosure: Sarah and Kendra will talk your ears off about this.

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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’ve been a librarian proper for 3 months and I’m already sick of being told I can’t help people because it’s not really what a librarian is there for. I have extensively called shenannigans and been begrudgingly told that perhaps yes, finding out what clients actually need might be a useful endeaver…but it’s not core business.

    I’m starting at a public library soon, and I hope to rock their socks off.

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