#HCOD never dies. We’re still pissed about ebooks.

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Nothing like the stench of rotting fish or the site of picking meat off the bones. What? (I’m bad with dead animal analogies, I’m vegan.)

So, last week we talked about #hcod and wouldn’t you know, it hasn’t really gone away. Listen to it here:

This week we’re going to catch up and hopefully have some more people call in. (PLEASE CALL IN!) Some further reading:

So go slog through those bloggity tomes and then call in tonight. We start at 9pm EST. Info here or you can just dial (724) 444-7444 and our Call ID is 81240. Public librarians, please call in! We need your perspective. (Seriously, I’m tired of the Academics here.)

Aight. I’m going to go pass out and dream of William Gallas. See you in the pit! I mean, talk to y’alls tonight.

LibPunk tackles #HCOD or something like that

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So, this week on LibPunk Radio, we’re going to talk about #hcod – aka the Harper Collins Overdrive affair. Here’s some reading from our FF room:

Got something to say about this? Well call in! If Talkshoe is being finicky, we’ll Skype. Find me there. kendra.k.levine


Demented Librarian Fantasies: Insulting Users With A Smile

I was avoiding work today by watching some Mitchell and Webb Look videos. This one is funny, naturally.

The thing is, I know it’s funny because the librarian is such an asshole to the user, but I couldn’t help but think that I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t some sort of fantasy for many bitter, downtrodden librarians. You know, the ones so quick to complain about pretty much anything and everything. Kids these days are such idiots. Nobody appreciates their wit. Shit, I could be talking about me! (Except I really love my user community and do it all for “the kids”.)

LibPunk Radio #25: COPYWRONG

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Check out this week’s LibPunk Radio! It’s our last show on Thursday for a while, so if you kept saying, “Oh… I’d call in but I have things on Thursday nights…” get a new excuse, or join us next week!

So what did we talk about this week?

  • Book piracy! There was an interesting discussion on LiveJournal about eBook torrenting. Yes, people love to pirate books even though libraries sort of make it easy to get books for free. Pirates are stealing money from authors and stats (which is like gold).
  • Do people pirate data?
  • Have you heard about Library Renewal? Michael Porter’s new project to help libraries navigate e-licensing and digital content. We’ll probably be talking about this for a while.
  • We briefly talk about the LITA kerfuffle. Pertinent links from LISNews.
  • The last 5 minutes was sort of co-opted by a guy concerned about Article V of the constitution. I take this time to remind you all that the Lib in LibPunk is for librar* not libertarian. We have no real political affiliation, other than no assholes, which sort of is against the libertarian ideals.


LibPunk Radio #24 – Do you remember it at all?

(photo via John Brownlow)

So we’re back on the LibPunk Radio tip after a holiday break. We didn’t really have an agenda, and it sort of shows. I also totally broke TalkShoe and couldn’t call in, but I started the show without telling Sarah and Amy. Things that may have been covered:

OK. Next week we’ll be on topic somewhat. I promise. We’ll be switching to Wednesday nights soon, so those of you who normally have plans Thursday nights need a new excuse not to call in.

Presentation tips from a lap-dance?

I will admit to being on a very horrible, obsessive binge of Peep Show. It’s got a lesson for pretty much anything. Deep in the throes of trying to prepare a presentation or working on an article? Why not work on it while receiving a lap-dance?

In this clip, our hero Mark is trying to finish up a presentation whilst receiving a lap-dance. The dancer suggests he distils the main point into one sentence, which he thinks is too simple. She warns him that the presentation might be “too diffuse”. I’ve been there. In that tunnel of over-thought and total blinders to anything other than your idea. Outside perspective is helpful.

I’m sure I could probably do a whole series of lessons from Peep Show (like professional revenge), but I am interested in knowing what lessons you’ve learned from media that have made you a better library “professional”?

Loathing and Libraries

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Today I saw something about “shambrarians” on Twitter. Intrigued, I had to see what the next be thing in libraries after “guybrarians”, “cyberbrarians”, and “hipster librarians” was going to be. Luckily, there’s Shambrarian International.

Work in a Library or information management sector? Know lots of real Librarians? Couldn’t be arsed to get a MA in info management? Drink Beer*? Welcome to Shambrarianship. We’re a little like you. Probably.

Does that describe you? Why not join!

This made me think though… what’s with all the self-loathing in the library world? Even if it’s toungue-in-cheek, there’s still a lot of self-doubt and deprecation. It’s like a giant pity party.

So the people without the masters are shambrarians. Jokey but totally loaded and reflects the weird hierarchies some places have, but not all libraries have that pecking order.

Then, from our patron saint Blake Carver’s LIS News, I saw this Linda Ueki Absher column on Counterpunch about a hipster librarians.

Finally, decide you need to work at something professional that will still let you pursue your art. After years of Top Ramen, Learning Annex classes and three consecutive editions of What Color is My Parachute? you realize that although you are An Artist, your attempts are becoming really annoying. And expensive. After ruling out paralegal as a career because you of your thing about xeroxing pictures of diseased lungs and neck MRIs as a primary job responsibility, you undergo an epiphany: what’s the one profession where you can skate on your immense knowledge of civil war button lore and shabby wardrobe? Librarianship.

Absher is trying to scare off fickle hipsters from the LIS school trap, which is a good thing ultimately (I think), but also goes for that tried and true method of embracing the stereotype in a somewhat self-effacing way. I’ll cop to it. I was just joking about my extensive background in historical Germanic linguistics this morning, and why I left that game for libraries. I needed health insurance.

So what do you think? How can we collectively say fuck it and get over our low self-esteems.

LibPunk Radio Episode 21: Tumblr PR0N and then some

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So, on this week’s LibPunk Radio we talked about Sarah’s second favourite topic: porn. (Her first is the “unjustness of the economic duopoly that controls the distribution of legal information and its impact on informatics.”) Not just any porn mind you, but the happy marriage between tumblr and porn. In the words of Huell Howser, it’s AMAZING! (all those links are NSFW, obvi). I’ve made a tumblr act as a bibliography called BUCKET RIDE, which is a curated resource of hip-hop/rap videos about automotive transportation. We also talked about librarian tumblrs going for traditional library stereotypes and then back to porn.

We ended with the fifth column stuff and really just are tired of a whiners. STFU OR DO SOMETHING. Word.

I’m Audi. Gotta bump more Eazy E.

The Fifth Column?

photo source: cdrummbks

Sarah brought up the fifth column metaphor this week in relation to the library world, and it was interesting because we both had different impressions of what it meant.

Are people who are working from within the established channels/organizations to secretly (or not so obviously) affect change a sort of fifth column? I’m talking about those people grinding away for change at the heart of ALA/SLA/AALL/professional association of your choice.

Or is the fifth column people who don’t work with any system at all, and instead focus on why organizations like ALA aren’t worth the costly membership dues? It’s a hard life out there, and sometimes people can’t be blessed with the time or money to get involved for the greater good. (Or they can’t play nicely with others… wait is that us?)

What do y’all think? We might talk about this on LibPunk Radio. We might not. Don’t pin us down!

LibPunk Radio Episode 20: Haters gonna hate, or the new skill of not giving a shit.

photo from LoveComeDown.

Listen to LibPunk Radio Episode #20:

For those of you keeping track at home, I don’t think this is really episode 20, but TalkShoe makes it hard to keep track and I don’t really care. So deal. This isn’t being cataloged, so it’s not my worry. Or I should say, I’m not cataloging it, so whatever.

This week we talked about the side of social media or the new web where people can hate. Sarah has been thinking about this a lot, and shared her thoughts. We talked about the consequences of opening yourself up to criticism, trying to differentiate between actual criticism and flat out trollish hate. I think there was more. Like the whole thing of cliques and the fatigue of the groups. Rochelle pointed out that there’s more than one circle of librarians on the internet, and then we all talked about our scenes. It is a little funny since the three of us are not really involved in the biggest one of them all – ALA. We also touched upon Courtney Fuson’s question on LSW about state library association involvement. Are you a member of yours? I’m not, but I’m also self-professed SLA-4-LYFE.

I dunno. There was more. Care to comment?