LibPunk Radio Episode 2: Professhunal Dis-cuss’n

Or some shit like that.

I apologize for this in advance. I ate too many carrots – not a good idea. What did we talk about? Lemme try to remember:

  • Rock stars.
  • Professional associations and why they don’t always suck.
  • People who dance their ass off. I mean the Movers and Shakers thing.
  • Scott Baio’s attitude on celebrity.

Who knew Scott Baio would ever be the LibPunk mascot? News to me!

And next week, call in YO!

LibPunk Radio Episode 1: “I am pro shank.”

Hör mal!
In this episode we tried to define LibPunk, which is really whatever you want to make of it. (Don’t forget the essay contest!) In the end, I think we agreed to try, do stuff, and, in the spirit of Blatz, fuck shit up.

Other points we mentioned: