LibPunk Radio Episode 3: We are a profession of professionals, let us count the ways…

Hör mal! Here’s the newest episode of LibPunk Radio! (Here’s the LibPunk Radio RSS Feed by demand.)

What’s to say about this week?

Next week there will be the library school smackdown. Sarah will argue that online schools suck and aren’t real, and I’ll argue that it’s all good in this hood.

PS – Here’s the rare entries stuff I mention on the recording. HOLY SHIT I GOOGLED THAT!

There might have been more, but I’m in a weird mood because I’m having Thatcher flashbacks.

LibPunk Radio Episode 2: Professhunal Dis-cuss’n

Or some shit like that.

I apologize for this in advance. I ate too many carrots – not a good idea. What did we talk about? Lemme try to remember:

  • Rock stars.
  • Professional associations and why they don’t always suck.
  • People who dance their ass off. I mean the Movers and Shakers thing.
  • Scott Baio’s attitude on celebrity.

Who knew Scott Baio would ever be the LibPunk mascot? News to me!

And next week, call in YO!

LibPunk Essay Contest In Full Swing

Don’t forget to enter the LibPunk Essay Contest! Sarah already did and it’s a good read. Definitely check it out.  We’ll try to post all the entries here or on the LibPunk Radio Wiki. We’ll have a special episode of LibPunk Radio about it most definitely. If you feel too constrained by words, we’ll take videos or other visual art. If you feel inclined to send vegan baked goods, please let me know.  (I don’t like raisins.)

Keep fighting the good fight and all that.

Show Your LibPunk Pride

Do you have a blog or website? Want to show off your LibPunk pride and membership in the collective? Here’s a nifty badge you can download, upload and then link back to this site.

But here’s the thing…this isn’t the “official” LibPunk blog badge.  If you want to go crazy with the image editing software and make your own, that’s great!  You can post a link in the LibPunk FF room or leave a comment here if you want to share.  Or keep it all to yourself.

Likewise, there is no “official” LibPunk logo or merchandise.  Amy and Kathryn set up the original LibPunk CafePress store.  But that’s original, not official.  If you want to get creative and make your own CafePress store or make some crafty stuff to sell on Etsy, that’s cool.    Just between you and  me, half the reason that we decided to really jump start this LibPunk thing again is so we’d have an excuse to make LibPunk merchandise. Again, let us know here or on FriendFeed if you want to show it off.

Get in on the LibPunk Radio Act

Thanks for all of the great comments about our inaugural LibPunk Radio podcast!

But, here’s the deal: We know what we’re interested in and we could probably talk about that shit for hours, if not days.  But LibPunk is a collective, not a cult of personality.



What grinds your gears or puts sand in your vage?  WE WANT TO KNOW.

Here’s the LibPunk Planning Wiki – go crazy and get in on this action.

LibPunk Radio Episode 1: “I am pro shank.”

Hör mal!
In this episode we tried to define LibPunk, which is really whatever you want to make of it. (Don’t forget the essay contest!) In the end, I think we agreed to try, do stuff, and, in the spirit of Blatz, fuck shit up.

Other points we mentioned:

LibPunk Essay Contest*

What is LibPunk?  Honestly? We have no fucking idea.  I mean, there’s some thoughts percolating in our heads, but we are not the arbitrators of LibPunk. That’s why we’re doing this…to figure all of this shit out.  Ultimately to figure out what LibPunk means to each of us individually, not to have an organized movement.

It’s not very punk to have an organized movement.

SO! Tell us what you think LibPunk is.  It can be a blog post.  Write it as a comment here. Bake a batch of vegan cookies. Write a song. Make a diorama.   Do a fucking interpretive dance.  Whatevs.  Express yo’ self and somehow let us know.  We’ll find a spot here to showcase them.

*Not an actual contest. Nor requiring actual essays.  But other than that, totally an essay contest.